This is a poem I wrote whilst in PICU about PICU and yes I’m not exaggerating, there were rats in the courtyard! It’s in the style of the poem ‘Bloody Orkney’ by Hamish Blair.

This bloody units a bloody mare

No shampoo to clean your bloody hair

Life is just not bloody fair

In bloody picu

With everyday a bloody toil

Food all wrapped up in bloody foil

All radiators set to bloody boil

In bloody picu

The bloody corridors so bloody dingy

Doctors being so bloody stingy

All patients are so bloody wingy

In bloody picu

Medicated up to your bloody head

Only blankets on your bloody bed

No bloody butter only bloody spread

In bloody picu

Rats running round the bloody floor

Staff sitting at your bloody door

And oh what a bloody bore

In bloody picu!

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