So I guess I should tell you where the title of this blog comes from and what it means ahem, as if it isn’t already obvious ha. It was credit to my fabulous mumma and sister as well! We were brain storming over a cuppa in the kitchen (well a hot choccie for me) and came up with all sorts of wacky and wonderful creations. It was quite fun actually! My Marbles Matter is a play on the phrase ‘you’re losing your marbles’ meaning basically ‘losing it mentally.. very uncouth. And the rest is history as they say!

I moved back to the acute ward yesterday afternoon (hallelujah) and it’s much better here, there’s a lot more to do and more people to talk to. I feel really bad for going to PICU though, I hope I didn’t behave horribly, rudely or hurt anybody whilst on the acute ward before! I’m not happy though and won’t be until I get discharged or at least know what’s going to happen to me; as a chronic worrier and over thinker what’s happening is immensely important, especially when your stuck in a psychiatric hospital 24/7! If I really think about it, like really try, then I can see that what happens doesn’t matter right now but it’s hard to always have this perspective!

Had a good chat with the doctor this morning, he’s really nice and easy to talk to which is a rarity some would say. He’s going to have a look at my meds about my side effects and sleeping (I use to be such a snore head and now I can’t seem to drift off). And he said there’s going to be a meeting involving everyone to discuss everything! So all in all a positive few days!

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